Friday, November 18, 2011

Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes by Bud E. Smith

If you have never been to Facebook and own a business, then Facebook for Business in 10 Minutes by Bud E. Smith should give you some knowledge about setting up an account for your business as it does go step by step. I am familiar with Facebook and read this book to see what I might be missing. Well, I got it the week that Facebook did it’s latest major change (the need to scroll on the right side of the page to see your friends posts) so I knew it was already a bit outdated. I read the book looking for bits that would help me have a better Facebook page for my customers to see and relate to. However, when finished with the book, I could only remember one thing that I hadn’t known prior to reading the book and that was about the Facebook Insights page. Other than that it was pretty cut and dried and really only a book for beginners. It really doesn’t help you understand what kind of content to post or ways to make sales for your business with Facebook. If you want that kind of information you might want to try this book Off The Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You.