Sunday, May 22, 2016

Country Living Chadwick Nightstand, Cherry

This review is for the Country Living Chadwick Nightstand, Cherry  that can be purchased on Amazon ASIN B0116M9Y16. You can get the entire bedroom set as well. This is a review that I did for
First off this nightstand is gorgeous! The wood is beautiful and the color of the wood gives this nightstand a rich warm look.

Secondly, the nightstand came fully assembled. My husband had already told me no more bits of things that need put together. I really read the product page but still wasn’t sure if it was going to come in a box of wood and screws, but I was crossing my fingers that it would be in one piece. Coming fully assembled, it meant it could be put right into place. I am not using it for a nightstand, but as a table to hold my Janome 300e (the latest model being the 400e) embroidery machine as well as the machine’s hoops. The drawer I had been keeping them in also had a large amount of quilting rulers and templates and so things were a bit of a jumble when I needed to pull out a hoop.
It will be so nice to embroider something without having to reach up and aggravate my shoulder arthritis. I’m trying to turn my whole sewing room into a place that is easier to use as this disease eats away at me. I have gotten many things that help, but this piece of furniture is the best looking thing by far. My husband loves it and felt it was well put together. As he works with wood in his business, he was also very impressed with the construction and the wood used in the nightstand.

Please note that that in the attached photos, the ones with the drawers open show the color of the nightstand best. It has one top drawer and one bottom drawer, although it looks like two drawers, the bottom drawer looks like it can hold a lot depending on what you are using it for. I would have no problem using this piece anywhere in the house. It does come with levelers if needed as well as care instructions. You do not need to use furniture polish and its use is discouraged.
My sewing room is slowly starting to get sorted out and I have a stack of projects waiting in the wings, especially some embroidery projects. Janome has been coming out with some spiffy new machines lately. I've downloaded the manuals to read, and they sound wonderful, but they are not in the budget of someone that lives mostly off a SS check! Also another one called the Janome Memory Craft 9400 is coming out in a few days, that is strictly a sewing machine with 9mm wide stitches, and about 100 more stitches than my 7700. This is dreamland for me.