Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freeman Process Service

What in the world does Freeman Process Service have to do with books? Well the truth is, not much except for the fact that it is run by my son Ron Freeman who is a great lover of books and when we get together he is always ready with an oral book report for me. I've had a lousy summer and am now recuperating from surgery so haven't been up to doing many book reviews myself but have several books lined up to review when my head is a bit clearer (currently on many narcotics for pain). Ron lives in the Columbus, Ohio area with his lovely wife and is happy to help you out in your process servicing needs, especially those lawyers and legal types in other states that aren't hooked in with a process server for the State of Ohio. Get to know more about Ron and his strangely funky views on life at his blog: I Trust Ron Freeman.

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