Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kathryn's the Grape's Piece of Love by Kathryn Cloward

Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love by Kathryn Cloward 2012 Kandon Publishing Hardcover, 32 pages ISBN 9780982927724 Written for 4-9 year olds.

After reviewing many books for Amazon over the years, I have been getting requests for reviews from independent publishers which is rather fun as I am getting to see some rather interesting books that I would normally never get a chance to see (and no time limit for when the review needs to be finished!) this a rather charming book that you might enjoy reading to your students, child or grandchildren.


Children’s books have changed so much since I was little, a very long time ago. Even the characters names have changed from Jane, Dick, Susie, Mary, etc. to names that I have never heard of much less know how to pronounce such as Cael, Talia, Isha and Esu. But that is our world today. This is a very colorful book that features a school assignment about “What is something helpful you do for our planet and others?”  Each of the children have a large puzzle piece to write down what they have done and then the puzzle is put together signifying how we and our world are all intertwined. What we do affects others and so it is important to show kindness and caring.

This book teaches diversity and that we are all important in subtle and not so subtle ways. At the same time it is a story that children should enjoy, especially since Kathryn the Grape has a little fairy named Maggie to come help her if she gets stuck on an assignment. This would be a good book to share at library story time, story time at school as well as reading time with parents so that they can reinforce the book’s ‘lesson’.

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