Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tumbling Stones by Carol Clark Roberts

Tumbling Stones by Carol Clark Roberts, Outskirts Press 2013, ISBN 978147871585.

I was asked to read this book and review it. I gave it three stars on Amazon, mostly because this is a the same old story in many respects. It was difficult in some respects for me to read since it hit to close to home and my childhood.

Sometimes your husband isn't who you think he is and neither are your best friends. People hide secrets while acting as if life is going along smoothly. This is a classic tale of a philandering husband with the twist that he is a professor at a `Christian' College. The college appears to be very liberal in what people do and how they act, so the fact that these troubles are taking place with supposedly Christian people shouldn't offend any but very conservative Christians. As someone that went to a Christian College, the one being portrayed in this book and the faculty staff were offensive to me as I would hate for everyone to think that this is what is routinely happening at these types of colleges. Anyhow read at your own risk.

This is a classic book of love and betrayal with a bit of a different spin. Only in this instance it is a case of allowing the fox to guard the hen house. Dr. Rockford under the guise of counseling students and others going through a rough time seduces woman after woman and then his wife finds out because he went that one step too far and seduces her best friend. Anne Rockford finds herself helping to put an end to her husband's behavior with the assistance of the very women he betrayed; since no matter what he says or promises he doesn't stop seducing women. The book has a bit of a surprise ending.

Hard to say whether I would recommend this book as it certainly wasn't entertaining, but for those going through problems such as this, it might provide some comfort although in real life there is no story book ending. In many ways this book is just a retelling of a story that has been heard far too often -- so not very original.

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