Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rice Bags for Hot and Cold Packs

This is a review I did for Amazon's Vine program for some washcloths.
The minute I saw these washcloths as available for a Vine pick, I wanted them. Not because I needed washcloths as such, but because THESE washcloths had evenly spaced channels down them. I make rice bags for myself and family members for all our various aches and pains. Rice bags can be heated in the microwave (cautiously!) or put in the freezer for cold packs. They can be made in any size or shape, but the easiest and most efficient that I have found is to make them with washcloths. Generally, when making them I should measure out the spaces since you can't just fill two washcloths together and fill them with rice. With these already having the spacing, all I had to do was pin the channels in place, sewed down the channels with a triple thread stitch for sturdiness, fill each channel with rise, and then sew up the top and you are good to go. They make a nice practical, quick to make, if not a bit homely gifts. Each rice bag takes around a pound of rice, being sure to leave space at the top so you can flattened the end enough to sew the ends closed without sewing over rice. For use in the microwave, until you are used to each bag and how they respond to your microwave and its wattage, heat them for 30 second increments checking on them as you go until they are very warm but NOT burning hot. And yeas you can end up with problems when overheating them. Other than maybe another layer of toweling wrapped around them during use to keep them clean. Do NOT wrap them up in lots of towels etc. - ask me how I know this?? They can spontaneously combust if you heat them too hot and then wrap them up too much. Be very careful using these with the elderly, children or those that do not have good nerve sensation in their skin. You can just put them in the freezer to use as ice packs when needed. Before a couple of knee replacements, I made a whole bunch of them so I could keep rotating them. Besides the warm/cold properties they also add some extra weight to the sore, achy spot which in itself can help remove some of the pain. I've gone through 4 knee surgeries as well as suffer with arthritis and I don't know how I could have gotten through the surgeries without the constantly rotating cold packs.

I'm sure they make good washcloths as well, but these won't be used that way! And they come in other colors as well.

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