Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging To Drive Business by Eric Butow & Rebecca Bollwitt

I had already chosen a book on blogging to review, Create Your Own Blog, when I had the opportunity to pick this book also. I thought that I might be able to compare them and if content was missing from one then I should be able to pick it up in the other. Well I must say I was very disappointed with Blogging to Drive Business. It was apparently written for someone who is a CEO of a large brick and mortar company that needs to be convinced, still at this point in time, that his company needs a web presence. Unless I missed it, this book didn’t address the needs of a completely internet run business or a sole proprietor business. In general the book covers the philosophy of being on the internet, who in the company should handle writing the blog entries, how to hire a blogger, etc. As to the actual composition of the blog for the company, that part of the book skimmed through those points, giving a paragraph or two to each of the major blogging sites with no real recommendations given or points on how to really go about setting up and using the blog. If you didn’t know anything about blogging in the first place, I doubt that you will get much information from this book to help you. Although the authors tried to make the information flow in some kind of order, they continually seemed to go off track.

The illustrations were mostly screenshots and were all too small also, but even with my magnifying glass I couldn’t see what the point of most of them were. The font size of the text also seemed to be on the small side which makes reading difficult. Terms and expressions were thrown around assuming that the reader would be familiar with them. This was rather odd as the book seemed to take the stance that it was geared towards the reader that didn’t know anything about blogging or using the internet to drive business to their company, but if the reader didn’t know the internet terms then they would be lost and not understand what the authors were writing about.

As someone that owns an on-line store, I didn’t feel that I got anything out of this book that would truly help make my store more of a success or enable me to drive more business to it by using a blog. I found a couple of nuggets that might be helpful but certainly not an entire books worth so I was glad I got the book for free to review and hadn’t spent my money on it.

This is a copy of my review of Blogging To Drive Business for Amazon, I only gave it 2 stars, both for technical difficulty of small fonts and impossible to see screenshot illustrations, and also because its content is seriously lacking and chaotic. If you want to learn how to both blog and drive business with your blog I would suggest Create Your Own Blog instead.

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