Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Imposter? by Kip Kreiling

Several weeks ago I received an email from Kip Kreiling asking if I would read and review his book, The Imposter? for Amazon if he sent me a copy. After first checking to see that this was a real person and not a phishing scheme, I agreed to read his book. It arrived in the mail several days ago and I did read it and wrote my Amazon review. I appreciated the fact that he took the time to contact me and to send me his book.

I gave this book a 3 star review. The 3 stars was not due to content, but to the editing of the book. This book would have had a much greater impact if the editing was tighter. The story itself is one that many need to read.

The following is my Amazon Review:

This book shows that it is possible to grow up in miserable circumstances, lead a criminal life and manage eventually to put that life behind you and become an upright citizen. While I doubt that the author of this book will ever win prizes for his actual writing skills, what he has to say is profound and full of usable information in turning your life around. He pulls many of his examples, other than himself, from well known characters and how they handled life experiences. My favorite being Benjamin Franklin and his lists. His book is spot on that we have to want to change and we have to work at it every day. His was a life transformed and he wants the world to know so that others can also be transformed.

I think that the book needs some good editing to tighten up the story and remove some of the typos and hanging sentences, but then each and every prison and jail in out country needs to give a copy to each inmate that comes through the doors as a way of helping them cope with the changes that they need to make to become active contributing members of society.


In my prior life I worked for three years as a jail nurse as was greatly disturbed at the waste of lives of many of the young men and women that I saw at our county jail. Some had already given up on life but many others still seemed to be reachable and I think Mr. Kreiling has some of the words and background to get these people to listen. I hope he will take the time to revise and re-edit his book so that it will be a smoother and easier read. Even in The Imposter's? current state it does share lessons that many of us could learn from.

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