Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arctic Wargame

Here is a review of a book by a new independent author, Arctic Wargame: A Justin Hall Novel by Eathan Jones. ISBN 1468152297 This book can be purchased as a Paperback or a Kindle download. Take your pick!
I was asked by the author to read his book, which I am always happy to do. I love to read and due to disability have a lot of time to read and books coming to my mailbox are always a happy event. Right before I was ready to read this book, Ethan emailed me to tell me that there was a short story he had written that was a prequel to the book that I could download and read on a Kindle. I didn’t own a Kindle but was happy to find I could download the reading app to my computers. I have been having a great time downloading some of my favorite old books and know as long as my computers hold up, even if I read every books on my bookshelf, I still will have access to books. I get fidgety if I don’t have something to read. I realize for some that the Kindle is old news but this was an exciting point in my week and I appreciate the push from the author to figure it out.
If you like, you can read Carved in Memory (A Justin Hall short story) before reading Arctic Wargame as it is a prequel to the book, but it is not truly necessary. It does however explain why our book opens up with Justin Hall sitting at a desk doing boring desk work instead of being out and about working as an operative for the Canadian Intelligence Service. So when an opportunity to go to the Artic circle to investigate ships in Canadian waters he and his side kick, Carrie, jump at the chance to go. This is where things get a little strange for American readers. While most of us know that Canada is “up there”, most don’t recognize it as a real country. During my 4 years of college in Canada, I learned that this really annoys Canadians when people act like they are the 51st state, which they aren’t. So to be reading a book where the main characters are wondering is the US is pulling a fast one on Canada was a bit of a strange experience. Or was it the Danish or the Russians? It was Justin and Carrie’s mission to find out and stop any terrorist threat if at all possible.
This book is a great combination of a suspense novel but also one that shows the pride that people have in their country. Also the pride and closeness those that live in small isolated villages far up north have with each other that most of us rarely see any more. I’m not going to give away the story, but it was a good one with different players and attitudes than usual. I trust the author will continue with his writing and hope that he grows his ability with each new book. I don’t think he has hit the big leagues yet, but I think he has the ability to get there. I would especially like to see more books based in Canada. I know I am really getting into a book when I take the time to pull out my atlas to fully understand where the action was happening. Although if I read too many of his books, I may just have to buy a Canadian atlas so I can track where the action is. I have found reading with an atlas by my side a real help to understanding the books I read.

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